We are always looking for fresh new ideas. If you have an idea for an activity you could win a free poster. We will be giving away a poster each month to the lucky individual who has the most creative.

Kathy Sutton

The Feelings Poster
Submitted by: Dawn

  1. The Feelings Poster.
  2. Choose a feeling on the poster.
  3. Communicate the feeling via body language to group members.
  4. Group members have to guess which feeling the person is expressing.
  5. Discuss communication and perceptions with the group.

Submitted by: Bob

  1. While reading a novel or story make three columns.
    • Name of Character
    • Feeling
    • Reason
  2. Each event for the characters is entered in a column.
  3. This can be used as a form of bibliotherapy- it improves comprehension, understanding, and understanding a characters traits.

Submitted by: Raven

  1. Scan the poster and identify the biggest stressor in your life. If you have trouble identifying what is causing your stress go back and look at the symptoms of your distress such as headache (or other physical disorders), hostility towards others, etc. Once you have identified the stress. write in a journal what steps you can take to release in a positive way, such as taking a hot bath or a walk in the woods.
  2. Review the feelings poster and identify any negative feelings you are experiencing. To move through the negative feel(s) write in your journal the thoughts surrounding this feeling. Ask yourself the following question and answer beginning with an "I" statement. "What is the underlying cause of your negative emotion?"

Submitted by: Kay

  1. Arrange nine of the feelings on a tic tac toe board.
  2. While playing tic tac toe, as you mark the square with an X or O you tell of a time when you experienced that particular feeling.
  3. The first to get three in a row wins.