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Depression Guide

depression_gd Sample Text:

To address fully the nature of depression, we first must define “depressed feelings,” “depressed mood,” and “clinical depression.” “Depressed feelings” are emotional responses to internal or external stimuli or need states. The feelings may well be relatively brief and unpredictable. “Depressed mood” on the other hand, describes a situation with a prevailing feeling that is consistent for a longer period of time. With “clinical depression,” a person experiences physical, emotional, and spiritual depletion in such a manner that all of a person’s personal and behavioral coping mechanisms are threatened. Every action becomes a nearly impossible chore.

Sample Exercise:

Looking at the poster that accompanies this guide, reflect on each of the needs that are identified in the poster. List each of the needs in the order of their importance in your life. Are you meeting each of these needs or are you neglecting them? If you are appropriately addressing certain needs, how are you doing this? If you are somehow neglecting certain needs, how could you better address them? Brainstorm as many possible ways to approach your needs as possible. If you have a group available to you, share some of your self discoveries with your group.