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Feelings Guide

feelings_guide Sample Text:

The Feelings Poster and it’s exercises can help patients, either individually or within a group process, discover that they can perceive and express feelings to a depth not previously experienced. This tool facilitates more self-disclosure from patients than would traditional verbal therapy alone. Images and metaphors emerge from the exercises that allow for a greater understanding of the patients’ inner worlds for both patients and therapist.

Sample Exercise:

The Feelings Poster can be a valuable tool to help you understand how your children feel. 1. Everyday when your youngsters come home from school, you can use the poster to encourage a discussion of feelings rather than just events. Have a notepad designated as your children’s feelings journal. Every day when they come home from school, they can scan the poster and then draw their own depiction of significant feelings they experienced that day. If they wish to share their journal with you, you can spend some time talking about the drawings. This is an excellent way to help both you and your children gain a greater understanding of their range of emotions and facilitate their expression. Depending upon the age of your children, you may need to give them an example of when you yourself felt a certain way. 2. When your children come home from school, have them select three faces from the Feelings Poster that would best describe how they felt during the day, and then share them with you or describe them in their feelings journal.