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Multiple Intelligences Guide

multiple-intelligences_gd Sample Text:

What are Multiple Intelligences? “All men are created equal,” but our talents, abilities, and varying interests are different. We each have our own way of understanding, learning, and applying these varying qualities. The person, parent, teacher, or employer who can understand and work with different people will be able to unlock countless opportunities for him/herself and others.

Sample Exercise:

First choose an intelligence from those listed on the poster that presents a problem for you. Use the examples below to help you develop a plan of action. * Kinesthetic: Problem: You hate sports and have underdeveloped sense of coordination. Try watching or doing an exercise video or taking a dance class. * Logical: Problem: You have trouble memorizing facts in school. Try using various tricks such as word association, mnemonics, or visualization. * Social: Problem: The thought of going to a large party is gut wrenching. Initially, accept invitations that involve only one or two people. Seek out clubs in your area of interest that have few members. * Interpersonal: Problem: You hate being alone. Take a solitary walk or begin writing in a daily journal. Get a calendar and schedule a time in the very near future when you will implement your plan. It is important to schedule your action within a week. If you don’t feel motivated, try getting a support “buddy” who likes trying new things.