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Merging Art & Mental Health


Creative Therapy has been in business for over 25 years. Beginning with the now famous Feelings Poster, also sometimes referred to as the Emotions Poster, we have expanded our line to include: Stress, Depression, Multiple Intelligences, Anxiety, Anger Management, Abuse, Bullying Character, Recovery, Dealing with People and Self Esteem.

Our posters are considered contemporary and decorative art. Our Feelings and Self-esteem posters were illustrated by Pulitzer Prize winning artist, Jim Borgman and Tom Holtkamp. Many of our items can be customized such as our Mood Magnets and T-Shirts for your business or organization.

We understand not everyone is comfortable shopping online so we provide a printable form, which can be downloaded from the ctherapy.com web site and printed on your printer. Download the Order Form Here you can also Download the Custom Order Form Here. Simply fill out the required fields and mail the form to:

Creative Therapy Associates, Inc.
7709 Hamilton Ave.
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